Thread: BMW M3 or 335i?
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Please correct if I'm wrong but I believe any car any that has this kinda power so high in the rpm range gets poor fuel mileage. That's a tradeoff I'll HAPPILY make. It's simple math really. The more rpm's your using, the more fuel your using. Even the Wankel powered 1.3 liter rotary in the now deceased RX-8 got piss poor mileage. That thing revved over 9k rpm and strangely consumed oil, just like some of ours...hmmm. It's a matter of priorities. I'll take the lack of fuel economy for all the other attributes the car has.
I think the only only exception to this engine rule right now is the Coyote V8 that Ford builds for the Mustang. It's efficient, revs high and has alot of power uptop but still only revs to 7.5k rpm I believe. Great engine but I'll still live with what I have, ANY DAY.
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