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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
All I'm saying is that I don't worry about those cars on track, they never seem to be the fastest and I never see them coming up in my rear view. My experience in HPDE, that's all. Now vettes, vipers, Gtr's, Gt3's those are true "upgrades" IMHO... To each his own.

For some reason 997.2S are not as quick at HPDEs as they are supposed to be based on reviews and magazine tests. Compared to M3s, they are about equal in turns, and a bit faster on straights, but in general are surprisingly comparable. On last HPDE, as an experiment, I followed an instructor driving 997.2S with track camber, Pilot Club Sport tires and upgraded pads - same "upgrades" as my M3 - for the entire session and had no trouble keeping up (he was driving 10/10 for some of the laps and is a more experienced driver, but had a passenger). Also, in general other drivers in 997.2S and M3s are about the same, given comparable driver skill.

I have two theories about that - 1) 911 is more difficult to drive at the limit, so only very good drivers on very familiar tracks can be truly fast in them; or 2) M3 better responds to small upgrades (camber, tires, pads - things that everyone does) because from the factory it comes under-tired, with street-friendly alignment, and pads made of beeswax, while 911 comes with enough rubber, good brakes and more track-friendly alignment, so upgrades in these areas do not help 997 as much, practically equalizing the cars.