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Originally Posted by M3Denver View Post
for all those who mentioned fuel economy as a factor..... efff offffff. The only reasons you would care about gas mileage are
a. You cant afford the extra 150 bucks a month on gas!!
b. your a enviro friendly, green, tree hugger
c. gas mileage is a priority as a purchase decision
If you are either of these or think gas mileage is a priority then the M3 or any GT performance car should never be a thought... buy a prius
* Well, I do care about the environment and I don't see why caring about the environment and not being purposefully wasteful means I have to drive a Prius. You're probably one of the guys who thinks running CATLESS for a few extra HP is OK too.

* OP, I love the engine in the car and how your can stretch it out over its long rev range and to me, it makes it that much more rewarding to drive than a turbo-charged car. The engine in the 1/335 makes effortless power but it doesn't quicken my pulse because the car requires so little interaction to keep it within it's power band. I don't need to drive much so I need to enjoy driving the car when I do.

* Regarding the Fuel Economy, I would like more if it were better: poor fuel economy + small fuel tank means you're always at the gas station. I get about 250 km a tank in the city and about 300 km on the highway. As my low fuel light comes on with a 100 km or so left in the tank, I constantly feel like I'm stopping for gas. (And as someone else as mentioned, the car is also super thirsty at the track - make sure you have access to gas - as I can barely get to noon without needing a top-up)

* Despite what I've said above, If taking long drives in this car is not your primary reason for getting it (it's capable but there are better GT cars for this), I'd get the M3 as the driving experience is more special. I think the 135/335 are competent vehicles, but rather souless: a German appliance as tuned from the factory. Really bland. But, now even though I've had the M3 coming up to four years now, the car still feels special when I fire it up.
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