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Happy Pride 2012 & Women's Pride 2012

From another posting on here:
Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
It is Pride week already?
TY JTUDS for reminding me Pride is a-comin'. I am now going to dutifully point my cousin to this post and inform her I have done my part to personally support her cause to literally thousands of people -- gay and straight -- around the world.

Cheryl, I know you will likely call tomorrow to ask for money or to coopt me into marching in a parade or standing at a booth or some other such foolishness that will happen during the hottest part of a day when I could otherwise be enjoying the air conditioned comfort of a friend's or my home, car, a shopping mall, etc. Now, Cheryl, I've not said this to you before, though I should have. I don't like doing that sort of stuff for organizations to which I belong, much less ones I don't. So, I'm going to do my part to support you by posting here:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

Gay folks should have all the rights non-gay people do, including the right to get married. The biggest threat to marriage is not gay people. Divorce is a bigger threat by far.

Now that the main business is done, I also would like to share a thought with the gay folks that read stuff here. (This I have said to Cheryl.)

I think that gay folks are as entitled as everyone else to putting up with the all the BS that accompanies marriage, most notably divorce. Lord knows it wouldn't have bothered me one bit if I could have just lived with my ex-wife and then put her sh*t in boxes on the sidewalk, gone to my accountant and just told him take her name off all my financial holdings, and then keep half the money I earned after the relationship went south, and then say to her, "You're a grown woman, who clearly has a mind of her own, get a job, fend for yourself, it's been fun. Good luck and good riddance." So I'm telling all the gay folks now, if you want it, you can have it.

Be careful of what you ask for, you may get it. If you are reading this, you probably drive or drove a BMW. Accordingly, you well know that where there is joy, there is pain.

My advice to gay people is to invent something that lets you pay taxes like married people, lets you have Social Security benefits like married people, lets you have visitation and life decision rights for your infirmed loved one(s), etc., but that also lets you call it quits just like gay folks have been doing for all these years. I cannot imagine that gay folks are/will be any different than non-gay folks when it comes to the likelihood of needing to dissolve the ties that bind, but may later choke. Don't do what our government does and create a situation for yourself from which you have no handy way to efficiently and quickly extricate yourself.

Now, if and when you do invent such a thing, I ask only that you let us non-gays in on the party.

I know some people have tried to invent for gay folks something like what I suggest for-- civil union comes to mind. Some gay folks have poo-poo'd that, saying that it should be called marriage. Now, I fully understand, believe me I do, that in the US, studying the past tells us that separate but equal is nearly always the former and rarely the latter. So to some degree, I understand the gay folks' decrying calling it anything but marriage.

The pragmatist in me, however, thinks that if a civil union will get you the sh*t you want, take it. Besides potentially giving gays the rights they want, such a new appellation, by virtue of being new, can be crafted to provide the benefits of marriage without some of its negative features. You get that accomplished, and I can assure you swarms of straight folks will be getting civilly united as well. Then the die-hard Bible thumpers who insist on marriage can have it all to themselves. Marriage can then be between one man and one woman, each with one-half a brain, and when it's over, one of them will have one-half of his or her earnings and material possessions and the other will have one whole headache. They will get what they want, and the rest of us civilly united folks -- straight, gay, celibate, plant loving or whatever -- will have something appropriate to the times in which we live. You see, for most folks when marriage ends, there little civil about it.

Good luck and Happy Pride!

Cheryl, if you and Linda want to come over after you've bared your breasts, sweated and hollered all day, I promise I'll have ready for you a nice shower/bath (replete with whatever bubbly, pretty smelling, soaps, salves, salts and solutions you want) in a comfortable, climate controlled, spacious and well appointed home, followed by a good meal of your choosing (assuming you have an appetite after all those funnel cakes, hot dogs, cheap beer, and food stand kabobs) and a competitive game of chess if you're up to it. Or you can bring along a bunch of your girls and we can play water polo or volleyball or croquet. Y'all decide...

Women's Pride 2012
Now as far as I know, there isn't one, but I think there should be a Women's Pride day whereupon women of all stripes -- not just bull dyke, fat ass lesbians -- can, at least one day a year parade topless around major cities, hollering for women's rights. (Note: it should be in July or early August in order to achieve maximum visibility to the cause.) I will be join my local Women's Pride organization and, much though it'll pain me, for I've said I don't like marching in parades, I would bite the bullet and march in every parade.

(Now before I go any further, I want to ask that you, dear reader, not read into my post what I have not written. I am not saying that women MUST go around topless. Indeed, in all honesty, there are some who IMO MUST NOT walk (or, God help us/them, run, jog, jump or in some instances whirl) around topless. But equality being sometimes a double edged sword, those women could do so if they wanted to.)

Smug as this may sound, for I know there are many topics that are important to women and whereby they suffer gender inequity, do know that I really believe in women's right to equality with men in all regards. However, the specific right that I am pursuing right now is their right to go topless, just as men do. After all, what man ever got arrested for indecent exposure because he walked topless down the street. I know that's a minor thing, but all causes must begin with baby steps. This is as good a baby step as any, and it's a topic that would win widespread interest, thereby establishing a vehicle, and a bargaining chip if need be, for achieving loftier goals. It's always been true that if you give a little, you can get a little.

I think granting this right would be a win-win thing, not only for women but for men, beast feeding children, as well as for future generations of both genders who will come to be familiar, and comfortable, with the sight of breasts, and see them for what they are, another body part just like arms. Accordingly, those generations would come to know there really is no need to objectify women because of their breasts. Moreover, society would come to appreciate women with the breasts they were born with rather than creating in many women of a less secure character the feeling that they need to surgically alter their breasts. And that would save a lot of money and direct valuable economic resources toward more beneficial things, even if it's something as mundane as one additional day of garbage removal each week or trimming more often the trees around utility lines so there are fewer outages during a storm. And we all know that fewer power outages helps keep population growth down, thus helping to minimize humanity's impact on the Earth and it's fragile, slow-to-renew resources.

I for one have never thought: Oh, I can't be bothered with her; her breasts are too small. Nor have I thought: Oh, I can't be bothered with her; her breasts are too big. What suckling child (or other person) ever could suckle no more because the tit wasn't big enough? Indeed, I have always reached out to accept and draw nearer to me and my god they that present themselves to me, however large or small they may be.

Having said that, I'm sure there're lobbyists for Victoria's Secret, swimsuit manufacturers, plastic surgeons, et al who would much prefer to see women remain cosseted and continually augmented. After all, if a bikini or swimsuit costs $200, it would have to cost less than half that if it didn't include a top because there isn't that much effort in making a bottom, particularly when there's no need to consider providing support and making sure things don't slip out. In contrast, a lot of carrying on (pardon the pun) goes into making over the shoulder bolder holders. (If you don't believe me, watch the Modern Marvels episode about bras.)

So, if we could get our society to the point whereby women could free themselves of their tops, and where there isn't this artificial impetus to boost them to gain acceptance or preference, there's a lot of money to be saved by people of all sorts, rich and poor. It would also reduce, to a small extent, but nonetheless a reduction, our need for oil. How, you might ask? Well, I know for a fact that the overwhelming majority of breast handling garments or parts thereof are constructed to some degree from synthetic materials made from petroleum.

Now I suspect many of you had no idea there could be such wide ranging benefits to something as simple as allowing women to go topless, but there you have it. So that's my take on two areas in which we can all strive to improve the overall quality of life in our society and for others on the planet. Hopefully these ideas will gain traction and we will all, in the future, experience a healthier, better quality of life.

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