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Finally made a deal... did I get a good price?

I have been looking for an 08/09 CPO for a few months, but have not had any luck. I was hoping for something in the mid-40s and was close on two deals, but had the cars bought out from under me.

The local dealer called with a 2011. Here are the details:

Year and Model: 2011 M3 E92 Black on Black
Miles: 33K
Options: everything but comp package
Transmission: 6 speed
Paid: $52,900 (listed for $54K)

The car has high miles for a 2011, but is in perfect condition. I don't feel like I got a great deal, but considering that the only other cars within 300 miles are 09s and the dealers will not go under $52,500, I feel like it's the best I could expect.

Thoughts? I put a deposit, but don't sign papers until Monday.