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Originally Posted by graider View Post
i have always want the 2012 c63 amg sedan. but then i saw a black c63 amg sedan yesterday and I have to change my mind this time.

sorry but M3 all day for me. The amg just look too generic for me and really it is very hard to differentiate between the amg vs the regualr c63.

on the m3, atleast you have the hood bulge, side vents, carbon roof, and m3 rims.

on the c class, you can order amg rims for any model. this confuse me all the time because everytime I see a regular c, i though it was the amg model but it wasn't. the only way to tell is look at the amg badge. urg...

if i am to fork out 70k for a car, i want mine to look special.
I agree.... You almost have to wait for the C63 to pass so you can see the quad exhaust out back, or put down the window and listen for the V8. On that note some more aggressive styling to differentiate the the 3 series and standard C63 from there performance counterparts of "AMG" and "M" wouldn't hurt either manufacturer. Although one of the most attractive selling points for me was the styling that to most just looked like a really nice BMW. But to a true car enthusiast is a conversation starter, to which they can spend hours talking about the "M" components that differentiate the car from any other non "M" BMW out there. Now thats a wonderful predicament to be in.