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Just got my car back after getting key marks buffed out and ran into a very localized rain shower at sunset. As pissed as I was that my newly cleaned and detailed car was caught in a rain shower, it gave some excellent lighting conditions that reminded me how much I love Jerez black, even though it is a PITA to keep clean. How it looks really changes dramatically with subtle changes in the ambient light.

(click to enlarge)

On this side its a deep blue

Above you can see how it goes from looking black to blue from left to right...

And in the twilight looks black

I quickly blotted my car dry with a microfiber towel after my impromptu photoshoot, and then put her in my private garage.

Just thought I would share.
"This is like having a house-cat thatís a bengal tiger." - Todd Deeken,, on owning an e90 m3.