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Originally Posted by Makushr1 View Post
looking for some advise... My Monk is getting murdered left and right in Inferno. below are my stats and equipt. Do I just need to get more items with all resistance?

Lots of problems there man, I don't know where to begin but it comes down to GEAR (don't take offense to this post ).

1) Like others said, your resistances are horrid! 400 should be the minimum....700 is ideal for melee characters in inferno. However, see #3 which I think should be addressed simultaneously with resistance.

2) 9K dps and 16K life very low, dare I say too low, for inferno. Aim for over 30K life and 15K dps if you are going to be a more defensive role.

3) Finally, and most importantly for a Monk, your Life on Hit is ZERO! That's what will keep you alive. Google or youtube monks with very high Life on's the only viable way to survive as melee.

3a) Along with Life on hit....your attack speed is very low. 1.4 attacks per second is not cutting it either. Find some rings, gloves, or a weapon with increased attack speed modifer.

Recommendation: Use whatever gold you have to buy gear on the AH to address these issues. If you are able, farm Act 1 inferno to find items and make more gold to get the items you want. I'm able to make 400-500K per hour doing my secret farm run + warden/butcher run. I have each run down to about 30 minutes, usually come out with x10 yellows, tons of gold, blues to sell, and an ocasional legendary. Nothign found was good enough for me to use, however, they do sell on the AH to add to that 400K per hour run.

- hit me up if you need more help. Oh, were you able to solo Hell Act IV and Diablo? It's a good measurement if you are ready for Act 1 inferno...Act 2 infero is a whole other story.
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