Thread: KW vs GC vs TCK
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KW vs GC vs TCK

This thread is for the guys who have EDC and would like to retain their EDC functionality.
These guys would also like height adjust ability, and want some degree of performance enhancement. 1 track day per month during the summer season.

I've read plenty of threads on the KW S/O kit, but most seem to agree that there is not much of a performance benefit to this kit.

There is also the GC option, but there is nowhere near the same number of reviews.

Then TCK makes a "Coil-over conversion" kit which is essentially the same thing.

So this is that middle ground of "not just springs" but don't need the infinitely adjustable coilovers (as well as dont want to pay for coils), and want to retain EDC.

If there is truly no benefit to these kits (other than adjusting the height) I will probably settle with Eibach springs.

I know there are many threads on each, but there are none directly comparing these three very similar options.