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I agree with the fact that you can jump from 2nd to 7th, and 7th is unnecessary unless on a big motorway anyways, so it will work especially for people who dont want to run through all 7 gears(I do it in my six speed sometimes when I'm lazy). But they design these new cars for mpg. It's a waste because many people will buy these cars for fuel economy and will hurt his or her own fuel consumption by jumping gears, you're either under revving hurting your motor, or running the revs high in the low gears, wasting more gas to satisfy the rpms to jump to the final gear, compared to just running through each gear properly, so what's the point? I know the gear jumping supposedly applies to apply to enthusiasts that dont want the hassle of 7 gears, but come on, who drives a manual these days that isn't an enthusiast, we are a dying breed. I could care less about mpg, but on a long trip i do as well like to conserve fuel, but i shouldn't have to run through 7 gears to obtain this, 6 is already enough!