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Secondly, I believe that my morality is innate and more pure than that of one trying to enter heaven. I do not avoid bad deeds and embrace good ones for fear of repercussions from a god. Nor do I do good for hope of reward such as heaven. I do these things because my moral compass tells me to, I do good for the sake of good. This is a much less selfish route than those weighing decisions based upon what they have been told in a book or those awaiting a reward. [\QUOTE]

^ Couldn't of said it better myself.

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I have a Jewish father and a Catholic mother who are both Athiests, btw. I call myself a "cultural Jew", because ever since I was a kid, we would get together with my Dad's family for the holidays, as we do know with my own kids, and they were the happiest memories I have of growing-up.