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Google earth looks like the runway is 2.25 miles. I don't think they can get much more than 1.5 miles safely out of that. Whatever you do, don't try a standing mile on a public road.

Here's your simulations for the standing mile and vMax. I already knew AA uses an 8100 redline. So I ran all of the simulations with 8100 redline. I input the weather data from the same day 2011. I input the actual dyno charts into the simulator for both AA kit on 91 octane and AA kit on 93 octane. This makes it much more accurate to use the actual dyno charts. I assumed an 180 pound driver, full weight car, and 10 gallons of gas. If you want to get any more accurate, you'll have to give me a dyno chart of your car and weigh you car with you in it and half tank of gas.

Here's what came out.
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