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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Are you over 18?
you mad bro?

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
From my fairly objective point of view I support a thread bump. The OP may have resolved his issues with ADV. However, MANY valid questions and issues raised in this thread have been completely unaddressed/unanswered. In particular my question about an actual degreed engineer overseeing any majority of ADV engineering, testing, certification, etc. The big question of their certification also remains.

Bump away!
exactly. prove the bullshit they claimed months ago and trolls like me will shut the fuck up. until then this shit is gonna get bumped and re-linked.
instead of asking why or what my agenda here in this tread, isn't there a more important question? like where is the FUCKING TUV CERTIFICATION THEY PROMISED?

like i said. waste of my fucking time to actually go there and see it for myself. What you gonna show me in person? TUV cert that u can't show online?


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