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Originally Posted by img View Post
I don't think you'll hit vMax in 2-miles. It takes more like 4-5 miles to hit vMax. Also wanted to know where the 2-mile event it. Google earth shows the longest runway at Cold Lake AFB as 2.25 miles. Is the runway longer now or is the 2-mile event somewhere else? Also, I could run some simulations on your car and post them if you want. Kind of give you an idea what you can expect in the standing mile. Do you have a vBox already?

Yes, maybe I was too overexcited about vMax in 2 those speeds, that last mile goes by very very quick!

The 2 mile run is on the runway Looking at it now, no wonder they require a brake fluid flush 1 month before.....Good thing I have my new brake duct kit!

I'd love you to run simulations for me!!!

I'm going to be running 275/40 18 PS2's and the gearing is stock, with the redline set @8,100 rpm as per AA software.

I do have a vBox, still trying to find a "private" road to explore all it's aspects.

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