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First C63 Track Day (former M3 owner)

So I ran my first track day in the C63 today. Previously, I've tracked my two M's in my sig. I ran Mosport, which is a very fast and scary track, for those that know it.

Overall impression of the car was favourable once I managed to get settled in it. I did not run my M3 at Mosport, but instead at other shorter and more technical tracks - Mosport is a HP track. Have driven Mosport a few times in my Z4MC.

Car is a 2012 coupe with AMG performance package (which in Canada is P31 + LSD). I have the stock Yoyos. Tires held up well, brakes performed without much fade (better than M3 brakes, IMO), car did not feel as "crisp" as the M3, however it got the job done and was a lot of fun on the sweepers and fast corners. The stock suspension felt a bit "jumpy" to me, could be my tire pressures as I screwed around a lot. It compresses very well, but rebounds too quickly. Perhaps just not used to it.

I did not have confidence in the stock tires initially so drove 6/10s all the way, although on Mosport in my Z4M (very confidence inspiring car) I probably never passed 8/10's and usually 7-7.5/10 max. To be honest, these tires worked as well (given they worked harder given weight to width) as the PS2's in my M3, if not better as they were perhaps less "greasy" after 5 -10 hot laps.

Temps ran up to 135 celsius hot and the car went into S+ once, otherwise it was OK, no limp mode. I am however planning on a vented hood and /or larger oil cooler. The car did feel heavy to me initially, however once I got used to it, it was OK (the M3 felt much heavier to me first track day after the Z4MC was gone). The car turns in very well and goes where you point it, I did well and was happy with the way I drove. It's almost as though the insane torque the car has made me better at modulating the throttle as I was very afraid of spinning out (almost happenned).

All in all, the car did well. I want to get some R-Comps that are wider now and want to install some form of cooling solution, even though I did not hit limp. I think the M3 felt more "alive" initially, however once I got the feel of the C63, it ran well. I do think the suspension has more bounce, it could be my tire pressure partly as I did muck around with it a lot.

A competant, but different sucessor to the M3.
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