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Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
I definitely think we are headed lower from here, all technical signs indicate a reversal from these few days of re-consolidation. Parabolic SAR (indicated trend reversal), Stochastic and MACD are all pointing down on the hourly chart. Everyone did not get what they wanted to here today from helicopter benny . I am sure you all saw what he had to say, so wont bother summarizing that on to the chart!

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Glad I went full short again, Japan's index is down -2% and Aus is down -1% too. After a powerful 60 handle rally on the SPX, everything is reset for another leg down. I'm thinking in the vicinity of a 50-100 sell off on the SPX. ST target anywhere from 1215-1265 from our current 1315.

Like I said before, if crash doesn't happen then we are going to rally up, and that's going to cause a much larger crash. The main body isn't even here yet because of this prop-up this week. But you can't hold back a Mama Bear.