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I have a 135i with the DCT and my father has a 991 911 with the 7 speed manual. He picked it up earlier this week, and I had my first opportunity to drive it extensively last night.

For anyone complaining that 7 gears is just too many to shift through (or too much work ?!), remember that with a real manual you don't have to shift sequentially. 2nd gear is good for 75 mph, so in theory you could jump straight from 2nd to 7th. In general I was shifting from 4th into 7th on the highway, dropping into 5th to pass. 7th gear is really high, so I'd probably downshift into 6th on steep climbs. I didn't once have trouble selecting the intended gear. If you've never accidentally shifted into reverse then you wouldn't have any problems with it.

I got the DCT so that my girl friend could drive the car. It's a decent compromise, but I definitely had more fun with the manual last night than I have pushing buttons in my car. Sure, I can't shift as fast with a manual, but there's more to enjoying driving than absolute speed.