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Originally Posted by M3 Montreal View Post
This is my problem with the GT500... It's still focusing on straight line.

Like I said earlier in this thread that I've been following both the ZL1 and the 2013 GT500.

Where the ZL1 has been focusing on track prowess and all the engineering that went into it going fast on a racetrack.

When the ZL1 was given to the press to test drive it was in 2 areas... The street to show how civil and good it drives as a DD and then the second half is the track.

I think most people that buy an M3 prefer track use and DD I know I do.

Until the GT500 starts telling car testers to test it on well known tracks it's still just a straight line car for me and that's why I stopped myself from ordering it and ordered another E92 M3.

At least the ZL1 can boast an amazing lap of 7:41 at the ring and it beat out the 2011 GTR at VIR.

We know the new GT500 can go fast yet again but we already knew that old GT500's were always fast in straight lines.

I'm looking forward to the next chassis GT500 and ZL1. Then they might have my business.
This is rubbish, the GT500 even the 2011 smoked an M3 on the Lightning Lap of America. Granted I'm sure the horsepower advantage had something to do with it, but to say its just a straight line car is just ludicrous.
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