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Originally Posted by iDontAlwaysDrink View Post
I'm sorry, but can I ask you what the intent of your message is? Don't tell me this is one of those "I'm in your area let's meet face to face and duke it out" sort of kiddy stuff.... I can't sit here and say that I've agreed with everything that Pinhead has ever said, but if you're taking a Top Stitch/Ranz approach to people, then maybe any negative reputation that you may or may not have is well-earned.

I hope I'm just misinterpreting it, though with your quoting a troll post and your response being akin to "bring it in person" I find my imagination stretched for this....

Tony, you don't have to take my advice, and I certainly don't expect you to, given that this is all the internets, but I think you could really learn a thing or two from Jordan's professionalism. I had to go back and read it again in post #200, the way he attempted to resolve the situation was if nothing else at least admirable.
pinhead was probably more biased against AVD than they were towards themselves

the way i read it was come over and take a look at our facilities and maybe you will change your mind
but maybe i am wrong