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Originally Posted by Mass325Ci View Post
I've been looking for CPOs for a few months and can't find anything decent under $50k. Most of them are 09's, but I would be thrilled to find a CPO for that price. You did fine!

As an aside, where did you find it? I am looking all over the northeast and there are only two CPOs. One is a stripped 09 and they are asking $50k. The other is a loaded 09 and they are asking $58k (they are crazy).
Glad to see I'm not the only one who is looking in the northeast and is noticing these horrible prices. I put in an email to my local dealer through BMW's website telling them exactly what I am looking for and the max amount I would pay based on the options I want, unmolested, under 30k miles, and colors. They answered me back within an hour to let me know they will be looking for that and contact me when they do. You can do the same thing by going to BMW's certified pre-owned portion, do a search, and clicking on a link under search results that says "join the certified pre-owned waiting list". I also added it didn't have to be CPO but if it wasn't it had to have atleast 6 months left on he warranty.