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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
Not so. 2006-2010. Control was from the left.
Really? The Iraq and Afghan wars were started by Dem control in 2006? Bush's two unfunded stimulus checks and the billions pissed-away for "homeland security" came from 2006 Dem control? What the hell are you talking about?

And you think the Dem control from '06-'08 was worth a damn? Bush just used his "signing statements", so that any part of a bill he didn't like would be exempted. And we all know how '09-'10 went - yeah, Dems were in control all-right; it only took a year and a half for a pathetically stripped-down healthcare reform bill to pass, the closing of Guantanomo didn't fly, Don't Ask Don't Tell couldn't get repealed, budgets couldn't get approved. Yeah, that's some control.
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