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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
This may be a different movie, but isnt that the one where its like a twist ending where the Dad is actually a witch lady or something when he looks at himself in the mirror. Or am I way wrong?
yeah, that's the one - dad goes into a deep sleep and saves his son.

on the way back to his own body he confronts a scary old lady in a black veil.

he tells her to go away and to leave him alone so she slowly dissapears.

just before he gets back into his body from the dream, the lady must have reappeared or something.

when he wakes up, the "ghost buster" lady takes a picture of him - he gets pissed and chokes her out on the couch.

by that time, the scary old lady had already travelled through the dream and possessed the guy's body.

the wife comes back into the room and see the dead broad on the couch and freaks out - she picks up the camera, looks at the picture of her husband and the movie ends leading you to believe that the dad is about to murder the shit out of everyone there lol.