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Interesting stuff. Following the 7 speed manual Porsche box. Great!

Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
The best performance isn't always the most fun; people might prefer a Miata, S2000, or Cayman over other cars that might be faster but don't have as engaging a feel. And why are you hung up on getting an "objective reason" for what's better? Most of the appeal of cars, whether it's paint color, engine note, handling feel, overall styling, or yes, even transmission, is inherently SUBJECTIVE, and it's by those subjective measurements that people decide what is most appealing or enjoyable to them. For many people, the "objective" superiority of a DCT/PDK doesn't hold a candle to the subjective enjoyment of the clutch/blip/shift rhythm, always chasing the perfectly smooth shift, and the sense of accomplishment when YOU get it just right rather than just pulling a paddle and having the computer do it right for you every time. There's a certain joy that comes from honing a craft and getting more out of a car as you invest more effort into it. And no, BMW's manuals aren't the best, but for many they're still better than the alternative.

Drive what YOU want, but there's no reason why you should expect objective reasoning for people's preferences when it comes to cars.

Have you ever even owned a manual transmission driver's car?
Well spoken.

Example: I prefer a McLaren F1 to a Veyron anytime.

Autoboxes can make the car feel like playing GT5 on the Playstation(having owned a F10 535i 8AT I 'm entitled to say that, or what?), but they are functional and fast nowadays, but take a lot of subjective fun out of the driving experience imo.