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Originally Posted by jerrypon83 View Post
That's cool.
However, I think the real problem that the manual is facing is traffic. I have discussed this issue with my car friends a few times, and we all agree. For car enthusiasts, driving manual is really a joy. It's like playing game maybe. But when you are in the traffic, say after work, sometimes you really just want to take a break. It's like when you are extremely tired, would you want to play your favorite game or go to sleep?
I think one of the solutions is "hybrid transmission". It will weight a lot and the car company may not want to do that anyway, so I'm not going through the detail. It cant be a good selling point either. I do believe this can save the manual though.
Anyway, I'm just glad that BMW still cares about manual. Great relief for me...
Exactly. This "hybrid transmission" you speak of could easily be something I suggested above, i.e. a DCT with an H-pattern shifter to allow you to select individual gears. In fact given the description of BMW's second design, I'm surprised they're not just doing that instead; it would have to be a lot cheaper to develop given that they already have the DCT compared to engineering a brand new transmission, and it sounds like it would do the exact same thing.
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