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OP, I feel like your original question was already answered. So, in addition to your question here is why you buy the M3:

1. Awesome BMW M community & great events (meets, rallys, etc).. IMO best out there for enthusiasts. I've made some really good buddies through owning this car and being on these forums
2. You don't buy this car for the chicks. Will you get chicks in this car? Sure. You will actually get more looks/thumbs up from dudes than chicks. If you're looking to land chicks, its all about your attitude and your game, not about what car you drive. Most girls can't tell the difference between an M, 328, 535, C63, VW, Ford, blah blah blah and a rocket ship. They do however know what a Prius is lol
3. Fun. This car is all around fun to drive. Period.

If you're looking for a car with "torque", which in my opinion means one that is overpowered and will eventually cause you to spin out and wind up pinned against a car on the opposite side of the road if you're not careful, then get a z06, GT-R, Mustang GT, etc etc (no offense to those who own those cars, I think they're all badass). Anyway, good luck and interested to see which direction you go!