Thread: BMW M3 or 335i?
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everyone on here is comparing the 335 to the m3. This is not the right argument to make. Listen to what the OP is saying...I am never going to rev more than 3k, I want fuel economy, traffic is terrible and I am concerned about fuel prices. Shame on you M3 owners for saying yeah you should really get an M3 to do those things. That is silly.

That sir is an argument to get yourself a 328i or even better, whatever has the nicest darn seats you can sit in cause apparently that is pretty much the most exciting thing you will be doing in your vehicle. You literally argued the fact that there is no point to having a performance vehicle cause you won't use it the way it is intended. If that is the case then don't spend 20k on something you wont use!

(give it to me instead)