Thread: BMW M3 or 335i?
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Originally Posted by Karnidge View Post
I don't think anyone is impressed by a 335i. It may be a nice car, but so are Buicks. I am not suggesting you buy a car to impress people. But I wouldn't be like "wow, look at that sweet 335i!!!" however, I do say that when I see a high performance car like an M3, Porsche, etc.

Why not buy a Buick?
If you are not suggesting one buy a car to impress people, then why mention what other people, including yourself, think of it? I really could care less about what others think about the car I drive. I am looking for what people think of when living with the car in normal daily driving environments.

It is plain you are trying to insult the 335i by putting it in the same category as a sterotypical Buick. I expect you know the 335i is a far more serious performer than even the highest performing Buick.