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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Hopefully they just make a 7-speed manual and leave it at that. All this other BS is just another reason to go ahead and give up and buy an auto.

I've yet to drive an automatic that I prefer to a manual, and I've driven the best autos available. They're still not as good at knowing what you want as you are, and without a direct link to your brain stem, they never will be.
Knowing what "you" want isn't necessarily what's best for the car's performance.

I always find it amusing to hear the "must have manual" crowd chime in about connectivity or engagement. You will be significantly slower and at times make mistakes when shifting...something that will never happen with PDK/DCT/etc.

Drive what you want but there is no objective reason why a manual is better. The opposite cannot be said.

Originally Posted by Morning Hawk View Post
Now only if BMW could make their manuals more crisp and precise... And not so "slushy" in each gate...

I can't understand all the BMW drivers that talk about "needing" a manual when BMW's system is far from being industry leading.