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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Better : )

So are you getting one of these or what? You have all the vids queued up. ; )

I'm the kind of guy who usually puts his money where his mouth is... I wouldn't take the trouble if I wasn't genuinely convinced that the Toyobaru really is a cornerstone.

I miss some aspects of the Cayman driving experience... namely its precision, driving position and the manual gearbox - the best gearbox I've ever experienced. Period.

But at the same time I love the challenge of driving the 1M - you are always fighting with yourself as you are always aware that you are not making the most of the 1M capabilities, so you are compelled to push it and yourself to its limits because this car was made to go sideways and you soon will find yourself wishing for better driving skills. Then there's the gas mileage issue which is important when your driving style systematically puts you on the 15 mpg mark and you are paying 2.13 US$ per 0.26 gal.

So, the way I see this Toyobaru is like a fusion between the Porsche and the 1M for the best of their traits... and it just isn't a perfect fusion because of the torque absence... then I have to ask for it!