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Originally Posted by san~man View Post
Leveling from 55 to 60 SUCKS. That is all
Really? I found it no different than any other level. Granted Hell difficulty is much harder to kill mobs which makes exp somewhat slower, but it does prepare you a little for Inferno. Act 3/4 Hell was the first time in the game I found myself kiting, now that's all I do in Inferno.

Originally Posted by Gdubz View Post
Must be nice for those stats to be plenty for wizards. I was so stupid going barb. I know my DPS is lacking, just can't find a good weap but these are my stats and I get DESTROYED in Act2 by rares/champs:

7k DPS, 50k life, 8.6k armor, ~725 all resistances. Basically around 75% damage reduction and I can't survive the damage from most champ/rare packs.

I haven't been on since the weekend, but I hope to finish leveling that wizard up to 60 and start farming on that. Wouldn't mind hearing about that spot you mentioned in act1 sometime.
Yea ranged has an unfair advantage in Inferno. Don't worry though, they are fixing many of Inferno's issues in patch 1.0.3, which is comming out in a few weeks. They are addressing the spike damage in Act 2+, making it more linear like Act 1. Also item stats are being fixed and drop rates adjusted.

I'll show you that spot tonight! Luong (Jellie) and I did a few runs the other night. Our very 1st run included:
- 2 Rare bosses
- 1 Magic boss
- 1 Treasure goblin
- 1 Epic "replenishing" chest

I found multiple yellow and blue items and x1 Legendary shield in only one run. Only bad part is, not all the yellows are level 60-62.
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