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Originally Posted by Heckler&Koch View Post

The Porsche Cayman S/R is a rival of the 2006-2008 Z4MC so that is a step back in reality (well that is up for debate). Even the R with more power is still a rival of the E86 Coupe, not the E92 M3 or the new F series M3/M4.

They just sit on lots up here in the PNW and don't move. Well the prices move south. lol

I say don't do it. Not worth it.
If you just look at a spec sheet and numbers, sure the Cayman S/R is close to the Z4MC but when you DRIVE the car, it is night and day difference. The mid engined Cayman is just head and shoulders much more involving and dynamic to drive. People will go on about how one car is faster or carry more Gs in corners etc but the experience of driving is different.

If you had the Cayman R at the identical price of the M3, I would buy the Cayman R hands down. Unfortunately it costs a lot more.