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Originally Posted by EvosM3 View Post
Also based on the exit polling, the race should have been a toss up. Guess it wasn't. Oh, and the liberals aren't nearly as enthused about going out and voting, maybe that's why the exit polls showed Barrett and Walker with a slimmer lead (definitely not a 18 point margin).
Just admit it, it doesn't look too good for the democrats anymore.
So you're trying to claim that a re-vote of a republican, in a republican state, by the same people who voted for him in the first place, means anything.

I'll tell you what means something; the truth about Romney being a shitty governor of my state is now coming out in the first of many ads to come. He did a suck job on the Mass economy, but in order for you to know that, you'd actually have to comprehend information. It's much easier to just post empty rhetoric.