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Originally Posted by 128vertinnoho View Post
No, actually it sounds like money can buy an election. When you're outspent 8 to 1 in advertising dollars, it will be next to impossible to win an election, unless your opponent is the devil himself. Also, more than 2/3 of Walkers campaign money came from outside WI.

The money will be much more even in the general election in November.

Also, based on exit polling, if the POTUS election were held yesterday, Obama would have beaten Rmoney in WI.
Also based on the exit polling, the race should have been a toss up. Guess it wasn't. Oh, and the liberals aren't nearly as enthused about going out and voting, maybe that's why the exit polls showed Barrett and Walker with a slimmer lead (definitely not a 18 point margin).
Just admit it, it doesn't look too good for the democrats anymore.