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Originally Posted by Syndicategt View Post
My Wizard is at 28K DPS, 30K life, and ~300 all resistances. I read that those stats are plenty good in Act 2,
Must be nice for those stats to be plenty for wizards. I was so stupid going barb. I know my DPS is lacking, just can't find a good weap but these are my stats and I get DESTROYED in Act2 by rares/champs:

7k DPS, 50k life, 8.6k armor, ~725 all resistances. Basically around 75% damage reduction and I can't survive the damage from most champ/rare packs.

I haven't been on since the weekend, but I hope to finish leveling that wizard up to 60 and start farming on that. Wouldn't mind hearing about that spot you mentioned in act1 sometime.