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Updating Euro Nav Map questions...

Ok, so I ordered the car here in Europe and after some time with it, I realized that the nav that is given "complimentary" so that it will work in Europe is a "Test Maps 2008" version. Basically, its a Navlite. I appreciate the fact that they gave me maps and the ability to use the nav in Germany, but I will be here for quite a few more years and would like maps that are less than 4-5 years old...

So I asked about getting a newer version as I bought a 2011 M3 not a 2008 and I was told that they pay for xxx number of keys and then they have to continue to use those maps until they are given new ones or something else out of their hands. In other words, no updates for me.

The only option available is to buy the full Euro maps for 200 Euros and do a full install. No problem, can do. But, we are looking at getting another BMW here soon for the wife. It will be in the same navigation map situation.

SO my question is once I buy the map update for one car, is it then vin locked or something else, like single use key, to one car or can I use it to update both cars? And, if it is vin locked, does anyone know where I can get the maps for less than 200EU each??? (PM is good)

Appreciate any input as there isn't much info here on us guys in the Euro w/American spec car situation...
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