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Yep, the dirty union bosses are in for a world of hurt now. As is the democrat machine which is so heavily funded by the unions.

The entire process in Wisconsin was sickening. It was over an year ago when the coward democrat representatives ran off to Chicago to evade the vote and it took police to bring them back in. Then they tried to shift the balance of the Wisconsin supreme court in their favor by holding an election for the conservative justice and almost appointed a liberal one. They actually did for a day but then it came out that the largest conservative district in Wisconsin didn't get their votes counted and so after a recount, the new liberal justice got removed and the old one was elected again. The people spoke again and by a huge margin told Governor Walker that they still wanted him. And why wouldn't they? He lowered their unemployment by over 1 point to 6.7(?)% and his budget shows that the state will have a SURPLUS of over $150 million after being in debt by several billion dollars. I'm glad that the people spoke out. Obama be warned as this does not bode well for him and his party.