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Originally Posted by Vanity
Originally Posted by SuperBmw View Post
I wokeup in a panic to get the hell outta the market today since I never got home on time Friday and oddly enough the last 2 days I've been in the green.

I have a feeling the potential for gains right now is very little where the potential downside potential is a lot higher, maybe the small profits to be made aren't worth the risk of the larger downside.

Anybody pulling out tommorow morning or mid day?
Well, for me, I have sold my short positions as of Monday after that large intraday reversal. I have since picked up my shorts again at lower prices, in small increments, as to average down slowly and as a hedge. I will be seeing if it's worth a long, because this market does have atleast some room to go up for a larger crash (potentially). Not sure which situation is working out atm so the next 2-3 days will be crucial. Either this is a ST launch pad (for that strong relief rally we needed a week ago, but that never materialized) or we crash from here. A similar thing happened last year, where the markets declined and paused for 2 weeks, then rallied until the edge of the cliff and lost 12% in 5 days. we shall see, but nimble is for sure the only strategy atm.
Agreed I have been playing safe day in day out and haven't been holding anything over night usually load up on options in the morning and get out in a few hours
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