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Originally Posted by Deeps View Post
Hey all,

Afraid I've been vein and bought spacers for cosmetic effect, but am beginning to regret it after only a few days.

I've heard stories about wheel wobble / vibration etc, but I've been okay in that regard. However I'm now unable to do a full turn lock due to the changed offset (added 15mm to each side at the front).

Does anybody else suffer from this or have my spacers been fitted incorrectly? I'm confused as I'm running OEM 8.5 19s yet I see others running 20s which I imagine would cause a similar problem but this is becoming unbearable! I now have the turning circle of a lorry :-/
You shouldn't be having any issue. I have the ZCP wheels (9" width) and am running a 12mm spacer. No issues at all, although the clearance at full lock is only about 5-6mm.
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