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Originally Posted by EvosM3 View Post
I don't think you understand that CNN, MSNBC and other liberally biased news outlets have ratings at 20 year lows. That means that people are sick of liberalism.
I know you didn't understand my post. Ratings for ALL individual TV channels are at 20 year lows, because everyone has 600 channels and the internet and netflix and hulu and podcasts. You can't just make-up your own conclusions.

When are you going to accept that the number of liberals isn't changing, and will not change? If any of the crap you keep theorizing were true, there'd be a huge bias in the election polling, which has not happened. Furthermore, even if the polls start shifting away from Obama, that would likely reflect people's feelings about the economy, rather than any inherent shift in national ideology.

In case you haven't noticed, Americans mainly vote against what they see as a bad status quo. Happened in 2006, 2008, and 2010. How people "feel" about our recovery will determine 2012.

The fact that over 50% of Americans support gay marriage means that you couldn't be more wrong about the trend of liberals. And once again, I must reiterate that there's something wrong with one who thinks that a straight news channel like CNN is liberal.