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Dems Debate

So, for you that watched the YouTube debate last night (7/23), what did you think?
For me, sounded like this:
Clinton -- She is a great speaker, sounded very confident. I am still not sure what her clear agenda is and how much she would stick to it.
Obama -- He's very smart polotician, but still seems to me unexperienced. I believe, if he and Hilary would get together, no one could stop them.
Richardson -- I was not impressed by him too much.
Edwards -- same as in last campaign -- I'll tell you what you want to hear. Could be a good political approach, but not what I really wanted to hear. And too much brownnosing to Hilary -- like he wanted to say -- please pick me as the VP.
Biden -- the most pleasant surprise for me, I liked his approach, although, I do not know much about his previous work.
Kucinich -- although shares the same roots as my family, I did not like him and would not consider him as a real candidate
The rest (Dodd, Gravel) were there just to fill the emty spots...