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Originally Posted by xbook
Sorry for not picking out the best policy for his accomplishments in my pointing out that President Obama has done more than "nothing". I wasn't trying to bring the rest of you into the argument as an overall debate on the Bin Laden's death. I was trying to point out one thing to e90soflo. I'lll refrain from discussing Bin Laden's death in the future.
Well you had a fair point that I only spoke out on one side of te argument so here is the other:

Obama has accomplished the following while in office that I view in a positive light:

- Strong FP stance on China and world economic matters.

- Ended "Don't ask, don't tell", a regressive policy that in my eyes was a blatant violation of civil liberties

- Expanded drone strikes and DoD funding for special operations missions and intelligence gathering. Essentially supported fighting a "smarter war"

- Appointed 2 pro-choice supreme court justices.

Now, things Obama has done that I don't necessarily love but are accomplishments nonetheless:

- Shut down Guantanamo Bay

- Stuck to this Bush timeline for pulling out of Iraq

- Passed action to revamp the credit industry, disallowing much fraud on the consumer front.

- Expanded clean energy and alternative energy research funding

- Expanded same-sex partner rights

- Headed up legislation on overhauling a broken healthcare system

There are many things he's done well, some I wish he had done more on and some that I simply disagree with. Still there are "accomplishments" present on his record. Let us not forget also that he has been forced to deal with an especially uncooperative congress.