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Originally Posted by xbook
Originally Posted by JesterEXW View Post
Ok, let's just get this straight. I am not an Obama bashed or supporter, he did surprisingly well on Foreign Policy and about as expected on the economy. He also let me down a bit on science/social issues. Anyhow he does not get credit for the Bin Laden move. The plan was in action before he got into office, all he did was pull the trigger which literally anyone would have done. You could point out a number of other things he has accomplished but that is a weak argument.
So saying President Obama has done nothing is a strong argument?
Did you not read my entire post? I said that you could site any number of things he has accomplished but choosing that one was foolish as it is a weak argument. I already stated that I am not an Obama basher and he has done better than expected in some areas. The fact someone else has made a poor point in no way strengthens what you said.