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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I don't think that is the argument they are trying to make (except e90soflo, he said exactly that which is retarded). Obama has accomplished a lot, I don't agree with all of his policies but I won't say he hasn't done anything, that's just nonsense.

I think the others are trying to say that he doesn't deserve so much credit for the killing of Bin Laden, which I kind of agree with. I think if (almost) anyone was presented with strong evidence that they could conduct a raid and kill him, they would have made the call to do it. It was a little bit of a rough call since we didn't quite have the go ahead from Pakistan, so I give him credit for not backing down in that aspect for sure.
That's what I was trying to say and I think we can all also agree that Pakistan has been the greatest "ally" to us, so like I said earlier I think they knew he was in the country and refused to tell us that. So while the call to go ahead was a bit risky, I don't think he had a choice.

Didn't Pakistan just jail the doctor that helped the US find Bin Laden?

Plus xbook hasn't answered my questions if Bush and or Gitmo deserves any credit for the intel that found his location.

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