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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Looks bad ass but still needs more power!!
Not as much as you might think.....

Much lighter than an M3. Mid-engine configuration also means less driveline power loss. Finally, you can actually drive this car at higher speeds due to it's handling capabilities. Porsche has always been a a bit conservative in their 0-60 claims, and the curent Cayman R is spec'd at 4.7 sec. It has been tested to 4.4 seconds. I may have to seriously consider the Cayman S as my next car. I have found that when I configure a Porsche on their website, I always end up spending about $30k in options to get it just the way I want. That puts a new 911 near the top of my comfort zone in terms of cost. With the Cayman, I could load it up with every conceivable feature I would want, and still be very comfortable with the cost.
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