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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
M3 handles extremely well; Cayman is just better....from what I hear anyway; haven't driven it at the limit : )
The Cayman handles far better than the M3, and anything else short of a GTx Porsche for that matter. At the limit, they are so easy to drive and are much more composed and planted. They make even novices look like pros. If you think the M3 is easy at the limit, the Cayman is even more so it makes the M3 seem unsure of itself in comparison.
This car looks great and the brillance of this car is in the handling and pure precision nothing else under ~150K is going to touch. Plus, considering that the previous gen 2 Cayman S isnt much slower than our M3s, this car will be plenty quick due to low weight. And if the 991 is any indicator (and it is) for this car, it will far supercede its 'paper' stats. There isnt a single other car in the world with 400-470 hp that will keep up with a 991S in a straight or a track. I expect the same from the Cayman S and R (when it launches).