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Originally Posted by xbook
Originally Posted by Silver E90 View Post
While I will give him credit for going into Pakistan to get him and for not deconstructing the anti-terrorism network that had been created post 9/11, I don't really know if he really had a choice. If he had a chance to get Bin Laden and chose not too, how do you sell that to the American public? Because we all know at some point that would get leaked that he had a clear shot and didn't take it. But what I don't agree with was what happened afterword. With the post mission press conference and the information leak about how the mission worked and what units were involved. Not to mention doesn't Bush get some credit as well? Just because we didn't get him when he was in office doesn't mean that his efforts for all those years didn't count. I believe that it has been reported that some of the information that was used to find him was directly related to Bush's efforts.
So you're saying that he did something, which is the opposite of nothing, which was e90soflo's comment. Some of you may or may not agree with the President's policies, but you can't go around saying he has done nothing, it's dishonest at best.

Here is a list of accomplishments President Obama has done:

Saying that has done nothing is a bald faced lie.
Ok, let's just get this straight. I am not an Obama bashed or supporter, he did surprisingly well on Foreign Policy and about as expected on the economy. He also let me down a bit on science/social issues. Anyhow he does not get credit for the Bin Laden move. The plan was in action before he got into office, all he did was pull the trigger which literally anyone would have done. You could point out a number of other things he has accomplished but that is a weak argument.