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Religious Identification: Mother is Catholic, Father is Jewish.

Notes: See "Religious Identification", by picking a specific religion I am basically saying one of my parents is wrong (and potentially will not be let into heaven). Here's my view... There are 7 billion people on this planet and at least hundreds of different religions. Not all of us are going to be correct in what we believe. As far as the existence of God, I find that hard to determine. Ancient civilizations chalked up the "unexplainable" such as lightning, thunder and earthquakes to various Gods because they did not have a rational explanation for them. The Church in the past has proclaimed things like the world is flat and imprisoned people who dare go against them. Not to mention all of the religious writings are not from the mouth of God himself, but rather interpretations of God's words by mere men (The Prophets, Mohammed, etc.) and considering how flawed men are, I don't know if I trust them.

Those (along with all the killing that has been done in the name of God) are reasons I do not follow an organized religion. Rather, my belief is the following: If there is a God, there is only one God and we all just interpret him differently. Regardless, I will live my life as fully as I possibly can. I will try to help those less fortunate than myself and who cannot help themselves. Quick detour story:

One day in College I just sat down to eat outside in the student union courtyard when a man who was wheelchair bound and paralyzed drove up to me. He was one of those people who could only move his fingers and that is how he operated his motorized wheelchair. I'd seen him many times before because he would drive around with a sign saying he was selling candy bars for $1 and would have a box of candy on one side and a money bin on the other. He drove up to me and started to grunt to get my attention. When I looked at him he was attempting to say something, and I was able to make out "drink". So I said, "do you want me to get you a drink?" He was trying to gesture to between his legs and I noticed he had a cup of soda with a straw. Somebody must have bought him the drink but then walked away. So I picked up his drink and held it to his mouth so he could drink from it. Because of whatever muscle issues he had he wasn't able to completely form a seal around the straw with his lips and every time he took a sip some would dribble out and spill onto his shirt.

Keep in mind I'm in the middle of the union and tons of people are walking by while this is happening and a lot of people were staring at us. After he finished drinking he said thank you over and over, which sounded more like "hhhaaankk yuuuuuu". Then when I thought that was all he wanted he said "bathroom". To be honest I thought, "You've got to be kidding me", but he was there alone and if someone didn't help him he would end up just pissing himself.

So I have him follow me to a bathroom and I hold open the handicap stall door for him to get in. I don't know why I thought this paralyzed guy in a wheelchair could get onto the toilet himself, but I was hoping he could so I didn't have to get involved. Well I hoped wrong because he then said to me "move". I had to pick him up from under his armpits, move him over to the toilet, and remove his pants for him. Afterwards I helped him clean up and get back to his wheelchair.

Afterwords he was basically crying while thanking me and basically didn't stop saying thank you until I had walked out of earshot of him. Oh, and I never even ate the meal that I sat down to eat in the first place.

So back to the thread topic. I try to live my life as a morally solid person and do good for others. Do I have character flaws? Sure, I had sex before marriage, I've done some dumb stupid shit in my life, I drink booze, love boobies, etc. But you know what, I think when you look at my life as a body of work, the good I've done far outweighs the bad (see above). If God is truly the way everyone says he is then I think my body of work will be good enough to get me into heaven. If I don't get into heaven because I didn't follow one of the specific mainstream religions and as a result I'm damned to eternal hell then so be it. I wouldn't want to be stuck for the rest of eternity with someone who would judge me based of that anyways.

TL;DR version: I like turtles.