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Originally Posted by bobbo View Post
I really like the red. The orange tint might be from over exposure of the film. But swamp2 is right the red will be a ticket magnet.

Steved can you post some close up of the RS4 as well? So we can compare
The 'second' picture above (on Page 2) was exactly how it looked to the naked eye when I first saw it approaching, and I thought it looked stunning, whereas sometimes it looked dull and rather flat. It is really difficult to judge given how bright the sun was shining, but I think its a bit like Interlagos where it changes hue depending on the sun. It never looks boring, that's for sure, and nothing like the Indi Red on the M5 which is a truly awful colour.

After living with it for 2 days I would 'hit it', maybe not as my first choice, but it is the best metallic-red I have ever seen in the BMW range.

Here are two more pictures, one showing both cars together and the other just of the RS4 when I stopped for a break in northern Spain.