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E93 M3 vs. ??

I have read many threads comparing the E90 and E92 to other cars but as an owner of an E93, I feel left out of the discussions. So, I am starting a thread for convertible comparisons.

For me, the realistic competitors to the E93 (maybe I missed some) are the 911 Cabriolet, Jaguar XKR, Mercedes C63, Audi S5, Maserati Grand Tourismo; maybe the Mustang GT. From these, none of them have the E93's combination of value, performance, daily drivability, interior looks and functional 4 seats. The E90 and E92 are great cars for all the reasons mentioned in other threads, and the added 400 lbs make them non comparable to the E93, but in the convertible market (comparing apples to apples), the E93 really stands alone IMO. I can put two kids in the back comfortably taking them home from school, take it to the track (where the convertible performed surprisingly well and a lot of fun, even with the added weight) and drive home from the track with the top down, all for a fraction of the cost of some of the competitors.

Hopefully, other E93 owners or test drivers/owners of other convertibles can chime in with their opinions of its competitors to give the convertibles some love .