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Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
>It's a bit of a Frankenstien

Wait. I thought you bought that e36 from John S.? (now Ford Boss 302) That's another car?
Yep, I was driving John's silver E36 M3 the weekend of racing school, and a black E36 3-something last weekend with NASA. The silver one is the one I'm offering up for sale. Interested...?

Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
>I was surprised at the red E36 closing the door on me in T3...

In a real race, that red e36 would have had the "right" to do so as you only came up to the door. Remember the onus is on the driver passing to avoid all contact up until ~you are nose to nose~ (Skip Barber mentions not even nose to front wheel or front fender is good enough), once you have "presented" yourself (completely nose to nose at time of turn in) only then "passed" driver needs to yield one car width + "one coat of paint" (BMWCCA club racing rule, I ~think~ it's 3/4 car width in NASA), otherwise the apex doesn't belong to you.
Thanks for pointing that out. We weren't nose to nose - I would say my nose was about at his side mirror. So he knew I was there. And then he chose not to let me by. I chose not to stay in the throttle. And as I typed that sequence of events, I realize how lucky I was the rear-end did come around on me considering we were mid-turn. Big lesson learned. As in, application of Bruce's advice not to put your nose in just because you can.

Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
>Short story: I'm hooked. THE most fun I've had in a car. Ever.

My favorite moments during the whole weekend were "driving" with you and Joe, even though it lasted a short 2 minutes.

P.S. That dust plume looked much much larger in real life.
Don't forget the GoPro fisheye makes everything look smaller in the videos. Going into T4, your boot looked MUCH closer through my windshield in real life than it did on the video!
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